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Top 10 Tenants by ABR

Top 10 Tenants by ABR table
Property Image Tenant Location ABR % of Total ABR SF3 # of Properties WALT4
KBR, Inc. property image KBR, Inc. Texas $20,155,527 13.9% 913,713 1 6.8
BCBSM, Inc. property imageImage property BCBSM, Inc. Minnesota $13,304,707 9.2% 1,059,882 6 3.35
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Florida, Texas $8,890,947 6.1% 666,869 3 5.7
FedEx Corporation property image FedEx Corporation Tennessee $5,450,032 3.8% 390,380 1 16.2
Total E&P Norge AS property image Total E&P Norge AS Norway $4,965,018 3.4% 275,725 1 7.7
McKesson Corporation (US Oncology) property image McKesson Corporation (US Oncology) Texas $4,405,618 3.0% 204,063 1 0.3
CVS Health Corporation property image Siemens AS Norway $4,311,804 3.0% 165,904 1 2.2
Siemens AS property image CVS Health Corporation Arizona $4,300,000 3.0% 354,888 1 15.3
Omincom Group, Inc. property image Omnicom Group, Inc. California $3,960,930 2.7% 120,000 1 5.0
PPD property image Pharmaceutical Product Development, LLC North Carolina $3,905,052 2.7% 219,812 1 10.2
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¹ Portfolio data is as of September 30, 2023 and the amounts shown in charts may not add to 100% due to rounding. Inclusive of ABR for the recently re-leased CVS Health campus in Scottsdale, AZ, which converts to a fixed rent increase structure upon completion of an in-process renovation, which is anticipated to occur in the first half of 2024.
² Other includes ABR from tenants in the following industries: Health Care Distributors, Industrial Conglomerates, Industrial Machinery, Electric Utilities, Pharmaceuticals, Internet Retail, Commercial Printing, Government Related Services, Cable & Satellite, IT Consulting & Other Services, Technology Distributors, Regional Banks, Systems Software, Health Care Supplies, Broadcasting, Multi-line Insurance, Auto Parts & Equipment, Specialized Consumer Services, Building Products, Communications Equipment, Apparel, Accessories & Luxury, Multi-Sector Holdings, Diversified Real Estate Activities, Electronic Equipment & Instruments, Industrial Gases, Diversified Support Services, Environmental & Facilities Services, Education Services, Restaurants, Integrated Telecommunications, Wireless Telecommunications and Alternative Carriers.
³ Excludes 570,999 of operating square footage for a parking garage associated with one asset.
⁴ Assumes parties do not exercise any renewal or purchase options pursuant to their applicable leases.
⁵ On October 25, 2023, the lease was restructured. See the property list for details.